Dancing and Mimicking Duck
Dancing and Mimicking Duck
Dancing and Mimicking Duck
Dancing and Mimicking Duck
Dancing and Mimicking Duck
Dancing and Mimicking Duck

Dancing and Mimicking Duck

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Dancing and Mimicking Duck definitely knows how to have a Rocking Good Time !

This Dancing Duck toy will sing and dance with the rhythm, repeat your voice ,creating a pleasant atmosphere. And the cute appearance will attract your Kids attention.🤩

Put on the battery, click on the cactus, it can sing and twist and repeat what the kid says.

Cute and fun cactus plush toy can dance, sing, and mimick baby. The talk-back function allows the cactus to repeat everything you say.


Simple, just insert a Double-A batteries, press the on button, then sit back, and enjoy the singing and dancing!

Sit this little Trending Duck in any room, kids absolutely love them, and secretly so do the adults.This is the best music toy for kids,and a must have for moms while travelling.

The Dancing And Mimicking Duck Toy is a stuffed plushie that people of all ages would definitely love! It is in the shape of a cactus in a pot and also features a goofy grin that would definitely make other people smile.

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Not only is it super cute, but also super fun!

When turned on, this little cactus dances to a tune and shows off its incredible dance moves and repeats what the kid says, helping the kids learn speaking.

If you think his dancing is good, just wait until you hear his singing.

Unrivaled sound quality! The Dancing Duck is fitted with a state-of-the-art sound system that produces extremely high-quality sounds! 
Get the Mimicking Dancing Duck Toy for yourself 

What is the size of this dancing duck toy ?

Its size is 32 cms long and weights around 210 gms.

Award Winning gifts for 2021.


ATTRACTIVE: The Dancing And singing Duck Toy is an incredibly adorable plushie in the shape of a cactus! It has a very friendly face that would definitely entice anyone of all ages! Your kids can definitely have a lot of fun with their new, spiky friend! Comes with three songs included.

MUSICAL: The Dancing Duck Toy actually knows how to have a lot of fun! It dances around in a circle and even wiggles its armsin delight. It can play 120 different songs that are definitely going to bring in a lot of fun and laughter into your home!

PORTABLE: The Dancing and lighting Duck Toy is quite lightweight and can definitely be taken anywhere it needs to go! Its portability feature is definitely very important when it comes to keeping your kids entertained in the car or at home .

NON - TOXIC MATERIAL: Made from soft plush material. Non-toxic material which is safe for children.

Keep screens out! Keeps your Child away from Screens and Create an Active Play Atmosphere for Him/Her.

Perfect gift for birthdays, children and adults will love them for sure.It can be hard looking for hours to find a gift for your lovely little ones, trust us we've been there.

Package included:

1*Dancing Duck

Batteries (Not Included )