Wooden Montessori Busy Board - Babi Bunch
Wooden Montessori Busy Board - Babi Bunch
Wooden Montessori Busy Board - Babi Bunch
Wooden Montessori Busy Board - Babi Bunch

Wooden Montessori Busy Board

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Looking for toys that keeps your kid busy while Learning something new Everyday ? Our activity board is designed by the Montessori theory for the development of your child.our Montessori busy boards are designed to engage your little one’s eager hands and inquisitive mind with fun attachments that prompt them to push, twist, open, and actively develop essential problem solving and motor skills.

Montessori-friendly toy that incorporates object permanence, posting and sorting. Keeps toddlers engaged and entertained on the road and at home Satisfies your toddler’s desire to learn how everyday objects work .A unique educational toy for kids Which creates a desire to learn.

Kids are little explorers on a mission to discover how the world works, and there’s no better way to learn than through interactive play!

We used quality elements that were securely fastened and used in a real life, which made a game more interesting and safety for your child .

working latches build fine motor and eye-hand coordination Sturdy wooden board and high-quality hinges for long-lasting play.This is a great Montessori gift for toddlers.

What kind of toys you should Give your Child ?

  • Toys which helps in Developing motor skills, Logic and Creativity.
  • Toys which help them build Hand eye coordination.
  • Toys which creates a Desire to Learn.
  • Toys which keep them engaged and promotes Independent Play.
  • Toys which promotes learning through play .


- Essential for developing motor skills, logic, and creativity

- Variety of attachments appeal to a wide range of ages – even adults will love them!

- Beautiful, modern design looks great in any interior

The base is made of ECO plywood
It has NO harmful fumes and is intended for wooden toys production. It does not cause allergies.

Style A size: 44.5*12*24cm


Wall game board*