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Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights
Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights
Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights
Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights
Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights
Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights
Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights
Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights
Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights
Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights

Personalised Christmas Tree Bluetooth Lights

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The Smart Lights To Make Your kids Christmas Unforgettable.

Our Waterproof Phone Controlled LED Christmas Lights Pre-Orders Were Instant Hits Across Instagram & Tiktok, It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before We Released Our Official Design.
Using our Bluetooth technology, these special LEDs can create any mood from the touch of your phone. You can style your Christmas tree or any room in the colors you want using an Android or iOS device! (App Download Instructions included)

We Proudly Ship From The United States 

You don’t have a Christmas tree? No problem! With more than 16 MILLION colors and 29 dynamic styles to choose from, our LED lights are PERFECT for decorating rooms, dorms, outside bushes, and so much more! They can even be synced to the sound of MUSIC!

🎄DOZENS OF Lighting EFFECTS LIGHT: Create custom color-changing light displays with these app-controlled LED lights with more than dozens of colors – ideal decorative indoor and outdoor light accessories for Christmas decorations and parties.

🎄APP CONTROLLED: Use the Twinkly App for iOS and Android to map the light strings, and create custom lighting displays. The multicolored smart lights instantly connect to Bluetooth or WiFi networks.

🎄SMART LIGHTS WITH MUSIC SYNC: Twinkly LED light strings are IOT ready! Sync your light decorations with your smart home for easy use; app-controlled lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With the music sensor, you can sync Christmas lights with your favorite tunes.

🎄FAST AND EASY SETUP: The brand new Generation II controller is more powerful than ever. Connect instantly via Bluetooth and pair LED BLE smart lights to it. The step-by-step guide helps you set-up and configure it with ease!

It is the evolution of the classic Christmas lights and a true innovation in how you light up your tree. It features a smart design that gives you the ability to personalize your lighting effects for an even greater experience. Designed for intuitive use, just connect over Wi-Fi and you will be playing with your lights in a matter of seconds. 

You either select pre-made light designs and animations from the app or even program your own design to match your favorite sports teams' colors, and unique animation, and more.

Customize The Most Amazing Light Effects Ever!✨


All lights can be remotely controlled by the application available.

🧡Quick Setup

The setup is really easy and takes just a moment thanks to the Bluetooth pairing.

💚Wi-Fi Connection

The lights can be set up with your local home/office Wi-Fi so that you don't need to establish a connection every time you use it.


The lights have IP44 protection which makes them perfect for both indoor and Outdoor use.

Playing with your lights in a matter of seconds this Christmas

Customize The Most Amazing Light Effects Ever!✨

- Color: Colorful
- Power Source: Plug Charge
- Number of Lights: 100/200/600 LEDs
- Dia of Bulbs: 1 cm
- Charging Time: 1 hour
- Working Time: Steady on Mode: 8-12 hours; Flashing Modes: 10-14 hours. 
- Switch: ON/OFF & MODE

What size should I get? 
  • The average 7 foot Christmas tree takes up about 20 meters of lights which is perfectly aligned for our value pack of 200 LED lights! 
  • If you are looking to cover the perimeter of a mirror in your bathroom the 5-meter set should be sufficient!
  • For a smaller tree or an outside bush, the 10-meter pack of 100 LED lights is optimal.

Connect Multiple Sets Together!

Am I Limited To Controlling 1 Set?

Not at all!

With our led lights you can control, map, and design animations for 10 different sets of 4000 LEDs at once!

With this unique feature, you're able to create stunning lighting displays around and outside the home all with a swipe of your finger.

Example - You can connect a 9 x 32m lengths (3,600 LEDs) and an icicle light set (190 LEDs) together or 10 x 32m lengths (4000 LEDs)

Tap Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project
Phone Controlled
The Phone Controlled LED Christmas Lights immediately change upon the tap of your phone!
The most affordable, Phone Controlled LED Christmas Lights to date.
What's in the box?
A Set of Phone Controlled LED Christmas Lights 

UPDATE: We're blowing up on social media.  We're officially running low on this product so hurry and order now.


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